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Colima Volcano
November 2012


Colima Volcano November 2012

VUELCO Short Course in Olot, September 2015

Members of the Project talk about their roles and summarise things learned over the past four years researching volcanic unrest.


VUELCO Short course, Olot



Dr Stefano Ciolli


Dr Amy Collinson



Dr Dimitri Rouwet


Fabian Wadsworth


James Hickey


Professor Joan Marti


Dr Jo Gottsmann


Dr Laura Sandri


Dr Caroline Martel

Professor Jurgen Neuberg, University of Leeds


VUELCO Short Course, Dominica, Caribbean



This VUELCO short course was held in Dominica, Lesser Antilles in May 2015. The VUELCO consortium teamed up with the Office of Disaster Management to hold an unrest simulation exercise in order to test tools derived from the VUELCO project.


VUELCO Short Course, Quito, Ecuador



Held in Ecuador, in November 2014, this short-course was aimed at post-graduate students, volcano observatory personnel and other professionals with an interest in pre-eruptive stages of volcanic activity.


The course was attended by around 50 people from 12 different countries and gave all an opportunity to improve their understanding of volcanic unrest.


The Opening Ceremony



Simulation Exercise in Italy

This exercise began with a field trip to Campei Flegrei, Italy, followed by a visit to the Vesuvius Volcano Observatory and concluding with simulation exercise meetings and debriefing at the Department for Civil Protection in Rome.

9 to 13 February 2014



WP8 Meeting

Barcelona, Spain

13-15 January 2014

Watch a video of the work package 8 meeting on establishing communication protocols for use in the event of volcanic crisis.


VUELCO's simulated evacuation exercise captured on video:





Professor Jurgen Neuberg

Dr Ryerson Christie

Dr Stefano Ciolli (English) (Italian)

Laura Sandri (English) (Italian)

Betty Scheu (English) (German)

Klaus Mayer

Fabian Wadsworth



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