VUELCO | Objectives

Volcanic unrest is a complex multi-hazard phenonmenon of volcanism. There are many uncertainties in identifying the causative processes of unrest and imminent eruption. The prime objective of VUELCO is to significantly improve our understanding of the processes behind volcanic unrest and the ability to forecast its outcome aiding decision-making and management in an unrest situation. VUELCO intends to tackle these issues via an international multi-disciplinary consortium, combining fundamental research into causes and effects of volcanic unrest with uncertainty assessment and probabilistic forecasting to improve communication, decision-making and management during volcanic unrest. The objectives of the project include: (i) improving the mechanistic understanding of subsurface processes triggering volcanic unrest, (ii) identifying reliable precursors associated with specific subsurface processes, (iii) improving the forecasting capacity of the outcome of volcanic unrest in the presence of scientific uncertainty, (iv) improving the capacity for early-warning and management of evolving volcanic crises beginning with monitoring capacity through hazard assessment and threat analysis to decision-making and (v) improving the preparedness to cope with consequences and potentially adverse outcomes of volcanic unrest.

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