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VUELCO Newsletters

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Sspring/Summer 2014/15

2015 newsletter


Autumn/Winter 2013/14

2014 newsletter


Spring/Summer 2012/132013 newsletter



Autumn/Winter 2011/12newsletter 2012




Newsletter 2014In this newsletter there is news on the VUELCO ebook to be published by Springer.


There are reports on the short courses held in Ecuador and Dominica as well as links to a short video capturing each of these events. The simulation exercise held in Dominica was designed to test the effectiveness of a number of tools and products derived from the VUELCO project during its final year.





Newsletter 2014The Autumn Winter 2014 VUELCO newsletter reports on the recent workshop in Rome, entitled 'Scientific Advice, Decision Making and Risk Communiction' a workshop in Ecuador and information about the simulation exercise in Campi Flegrei, Italy.




VUELCO Newsletter

The Spring 2013 VUELCO newsletter reports on activities in recent months including the unrest simulation exercise conducted in Colima, Mexico, the first VUELCO Workshop entitled Volcanic Unrest: Interfacing science and Decision-Making, and other project activities.



VUELCO Newsletter


Our first VUELCO newsletter contains a report from the Kick Off Conference held in Bristol in October 2011, details of the six target volcanoes, a summary of the project aims and objectives as well as details of funding and a list of all our partners.






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