Volcanic Unrest in Europe and Latin America

Start: October 1, 2011

Duration: 48 months

European Partners:

University of Bristol (UK)

University of Leeds (UK)

University of Munich (D)

CSIC (Spain)

INGV (Italy)

DPC (Italy)

CNRS (France)

Overseas Partners:

Geophysical Institute (Ecuador)

UNAM (Mexico)

Seismic Research Unit (Trinidad and Tobago)


VUELCO Newsletters

VUELCO Newsletter


VUELCO videosOur knowledge of the causative links between subsurface processes, resulting unrest signals and imminent eruption, today, is inadequate to deal effectively with crises of volcanic unrest.


The VUELCO project consortium has come together for a multi-disciplinary attack on the origin, nature and significance of volcanic unrest from the scientific contributions generated by collaboration of ten partners in Europe and Latin America. Dissecting the science of monitoring data from unrest periods at six type volcanoes in Italy, Spain, the West Indies, Mexico and Ecuador the consortium will create global strategies for 1) enhanced monitoring capacity and value, 2) mechanistic data interpretation and 3) identification of reliable eruption precursors; all from the geophysical, geochemical and geodetic fingerprints of unrest episodes.


VUELCO Short Course, Roseau, Dominica, 11-15 May 2015

Dominica: VUELCO short courseThis week long course comprised field trips to the  volcanic centres of Northern and Southern Dominica, lectures  and a volcanic unrest simulation exercise.


View the photo gallery of this short course or watch a video following the week's activities on our video page.


VUELCO Short Course, Quito, Ecuador

VUELCO Short Course in EcuadorHeld in Ecuador, in November 2014, this short-course was aimed at post-graduate students, volcano observatory personnel and other professionals with an interest in pre-eruptive stages of volcanic activity.


The course was attended by around 50 people from 12 different countries and gave all an opportunity to improve their understanding of volcanic unrest.


Scientific Advice, Decision Making and Risk Communication

          VUELCO 2nd Workshop, Rome 2013



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